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Glow-in-the-Dark Light Switch Covers

Glow Covers! See Light Switches in the Dark 👀

Glow Covers! See Light Switches in the Dark 👀

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How are you supposed to find the light switch in the dark? Guess where it is, hope you don't run into something, feel for the wall, feel for the switch, hope you get the right switch, and if all goes right, the light goes on.

This obviously needs a better solution so you can easily see the light switch in the dark.

Introducing... Glow Covers!

These glow wall plates light-up light switches and outlets you want to see more easily in the dark. 

They help create a more safe and comfortable environment in your home.

Say goodbye to fumbling for light switches, and see your way to turning on the light.

Product information

In the pictures, the top left half is the color in the light, and the bottom right half is the color in the dark.

Some images are simulated for better clarity. Glow may be fainter than appears in the image, but still glows enough to be visible and useful in the dark.

Did you know every single family home has around 30-100 electrical wall plates?

Think about every place in your house: front entrance, hallways, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, outdoors, etc. 

Check out our various colors, sizes and styles, to add to your cart all of the right combinations to replace all of the plates around your home that you want to glow!

We tested over 40 glow plastic colors and 60 plate cover designs to ensure our customers get the best glow, style and quality we can make for you.

The longer lights shine on them, the more light these plates will absorb and longer they'll glow, fading in glow over time as they emit and don't receive light.

Color considerations

The orange is the faintest glow, good as like a warm night light in bedrooms to go to sleep in.

The blue is brighter and gives a calming feeling, good for areas like hallways.

The green is the brightest, best for more active areas like a kitchen or outdoors.

Production process

We created a unique multi-layer printing process to make the:

  1. face of the plate match the matte sheen of typical wall plates and walls
  2. added a beautiful multi-colored starry effect seen when the light is at an angle
  3. middle layers absorb light from various angles to emit visible glow all around
  4. back ensure a proper fit with walls and electrical outlets.

Because these are custom 3D printed to achieve the unique glow effect, they are made slow and steady to make well, cost a little more to add the glow plastics than using cheap industrial plastics, and very tiny blemishes may be seen due to the custom process, as compared to a plastic mold process done outside the country, these are custom made in the USA. The testing done has minimized these as much as possible, and maximized the beauty, glow, and joy you'll receive.

Ordering process

We hope you'll give them a try at delighting you :)

We gladly accept any returns or requests for an exchange, along with any feedback to help us keep getting better on our mission to make our world a bit better too.

If you have any pre-order questions, feedback or ideas, just use the chat at the bottom right, or contact us by email.

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