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Shake and IsaGenesis Pack

Shake and IsaGenesis Pack

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Twenty-eight complete superfood meals plus our healthy aging formula. This pack is total squad goals. It comes complete with IsaGenesis®, a cocktail of blend of botanicals and nutrients that reinforce the body’s own defenses against oxidative stress and support healthy aging.* What that means for you: IsaGenesis tackles free radicals that accelerate the aging process. (Whoa). And, because it’s our popular superfood meal in one drink, we’ve also added our IsaLean Shake to help you with a bit of weight management and total body nourishment. Seriously, 24 grams of protein in one drink goes a long way toward helping you feel satisfied for longer. 

Why IsaGenesis:

  • Helps maintain energy and youthfulness.*
  • Reinforces your body’s defenses against nasty stress that wears you down.*
  • Google telomeres. IsaGenesis protects yours. Very important for healthy aging.*

Why IsaLean Shake:

  • A 24-gram, protein-packed superfood meal in each drink.
  • Contains responsibly sourced whey and milk protein Available in plant-based protein.
  • Sweet and natural (like you!). No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.
  • Max nutrition with minimum calories
  • Burn fat and maintain muscle
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